Zorba Coaching



In my coaching I try to meet the people where they are.
The methodology is mainly based on co-active coaching
and learning from nature & Aikido.

His life Executive coaching: Often starts from a business
situation and can be part of a leadership development program.
The objective is to allow you to be an authentic leader, conscious
about your behaviour and your impact.I support you to become
a leader who is resilient in thinking and action, allowing you to be
mindful in the use of your and other resources.

Life coaching: Often starts as a result of life balance issues.
Life coaching mostly is about finding clarity and making choices
for actions e.g. resolving friction because of a new work or private
situation with “difficult“ colleagues, living in a new country or
revitalising the known
happy family.

Executive – and Life coaching can be face-to-face or virtual.

Zorba Coaching