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Andreas ter Woort is Dutch/German, grew up in Brussels,
Belgium and he has a strong bond with Sweden. During more
than 20 years he worked for large corporations like Deutsche
Post, Lufthansa, Haniel and Saraya in international positions
from merger & acquisitions projects to starting up the
Benelux or European operations.

Since 2007 he works in Leadership development and he has
attended a large variety different personal- and leadership
development programs. Additionally, he holds a MBA
certificate in Leadership and Corporate Social responsibility.

His life changing moment came from his time at the Center for Creative Leadership before starting
Zorba Coaching.
Andreas believes that one of his goals is to help shape wise and holistic leaders who dare to have
paradigm breaking visions: Leaders who have their heart at the right place and who are able the
get the best out of themselves and others, Leaders who are able to perceive the systemic
complexity of our world and the mystery of life.
Personal mastery in a gentle and humble way is what Andreas searches in his private and
professional life. More than 20 years of Aikido practice support him in this path.
He enjoys regular interaction with nature as an important place for his sourcing and learning.
With his two sons, Andreas shares unlimited joy, inspiration and love
Zorba Coaching